Lighthouse Sports is located in Wake Forest. We have players from across Central NC!

Lighthouse sponsors a competitive athletics program open to all area homeschoolers a and under . The purpose of our program is to provide the opportunity for homeschooled youth to develop physical fitness, discipline, good sportsmanship, teamwork, and Godly character through participation in competitive sports.  Coaches may include Bible study and prayer as part of their practices.

Our teams belong to the North Carolina Home Educators Athletic Conference (NCHEAC) known as Wake Forest and compete against other homeschool teams from across the state, as well as against local private school and charter school teams. NCHEAC has a non-recruitment rule that prohibits players from moving from one homeschool team to another without a release from the league. The program is funded by player participation fees, but group fundraising projects as well as business sponsors can help to offset these costs.

If you are interested in playing, coaching, or helping to sponsor a team, please send an e-mail to coach@kylejarman.com