Lighthouse Sports provides an opportunity for homeschooled students to participate in competitive middle school and high school team athletics. It is important to note the difference between recreational sports and competitive sports. In recreational, participatory sports, the emphasis is on the development and enjoyment of the individual players, which is considered more important than the success of the team. However, in competitive sports the focus is on the development and success of the team through the contributions of individual players. The coach determines what combination of players and skills is needed in each game situation. Players should not expect equal playing time, and should understand that their value to the team is not determined by the number of minutes on the court in a game. Each player is important to the success of the team, whether they are a starter playing the whole game or a sub cheering from the bench, ready to go into the game when needed.

Coaches will fill spots on each team from the students who try-out for the team. Only a certain number of spots are available on each team, and the number of students who are cut depends on the number of students who try-out. Selection for a team will be based on the following considerations:

  1. Attitude (effort level, teachable spirit)
  2. Current skill level and athletic ability
  3. Physical attributes and aptitude for further development
  4. Number of players needed to develop a competitive team

Team members are expected to show up on time for all practices and games. Excused absences will be granted at the discretion of the coach. Non-excused absences or tardiness will affect playing time and excessive non-excused absences or tardiness may lead to dismissal from a team, without refund of participation fees. Being offered a spot on a Lighthouse team should be considered a privilege, and it is expected that players and parents will not take that privilege lightly. Other activities should be planned around the player's practice and game schedule.

Team members will not necessarily play equally in competitive games. Starting line-ups and substitutions are decided by the Coach based on the following guidelines:

  1. Attitude and attendance
  2. Ability to contribute to a victory
  3. Importance of the particular game or tournament (league game vs. non-league game)
  4. Value to the team for the individual to get game experience

Parents are expected to respect the decisions made by a Coach in regards to playing time, substitutions, and game strategy.

Lighthouse Sports fans are expected to show good sportsmanship at all times.. We cheer for our team, not against our opponents. We strive for a reputation of friendliness, respect, enthusiasm, humility and grace in victory or in defeat.